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Assono specialises in professional and reliable business sourcing, delivering management, virtual office and secretarial services

Our professionals seamlessly represent client's best interest and ensure full statutory compliance

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We grow your Croatian business

Doing business anywhere requires certain minimum logistics often unsuitable for every business model. Assono enables you to run a fully-equipped virtual office abroad, have a local landline phone no. with a secretary answering it, have a business registration address for statutory compliance, receive post and having it forwarded to your e-mailbox and have a local manager handling daily business under your instructions.

Doing business in Croatia requires you to have local residence address and a manager accepting the appointment in person in front of a Croatian notary public - Assono offers effective service plans to cover those requirements.

In addition, we offer value-added services for our clients, such as handling document notarization, providing escrow service for your files and funds, source legal, tax advisory and IP professionals for the further development of your Croatian business. Please see the full list of our Services.