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Smart + Swift

Assono is a logistics hub to a network of dedicated professionals

We work hard to deliver you all-in-one service scope you need to operate your business in Croatia

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Assono d.o.o.
P. Heruca 18, HR-10000 Zagreb
Registered with Commercial Court Zagreb Registry under no. 080046419
PIN/OIB no.:85570889378
Corporate accounts no. 2340009-1110034524 held with Privredna banka Zagreb d. d. Zagreb
Founding capital: HRK 20.000,00, paid up in full

Assono is an ATC Solutions affiliate
UK-based ATC Solutions is leading practice of international tax planning and corporate service specialists, having offices in Central London, China, Mongolia, Singapore, Switzerland, Mauritius and Isle of Man, and representatives across the globe.
For international inquiries please contact London office

Mission Statement

Optimized smart business logistics on behalf of our clients

Looking after

Assono today maintains a network of partners with dozen professionals working to deliver the optimized service at only a fraction of the actual cost of running companies. We are not maintaining a classic brick-and-mortar office, but deliver a low-cost and highly efficient service instead.

Our Outlook

We constantly optimize the level and scope of services, as well as review our pricing plans. We continually offer new services and seek opportunities to improve your business.