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Our services are provided in packages shaped in line with our clients' needs and habits

It is quick&easy to start using our services - simply mark the ones you need on the Order Form, return it to us with the initialised Terms & Conditions and you are set to spin your business

Our Services are offered upon signing the Order Form and agreeing to our Terms & Conditions. Please note each service details in our non-negotiable Terms & Conditions

Other and additional services are offered upon an individual request - please contact us

Address and Virtual Offices

It is a statutory requirement for a Croatian local entity to have a national residence address. This service allows you to use a dedicated address for registration purposes. We also offer basic mail takeover and post e-forwarding service, dedicated local phone answering and secretarial services, up to 4 hours monthly in the plan.

Management Services

It is mandatory to have at least one director in a Croatian entity. Such director is not required to be employed by the company. Director however must be personally present during the incorporation in Croatia, and he/she cannot be replaced by a proxy. Therefore many foreign customers use this service of trust. Additionally, Director may convey some of its powers to the client designated person(s) via a Power of Attorney. This service requires Indemnity Letter form signed and proof of proper book keeping or our Basic Accounting and Filing Service ordered.

Basic Accounting and Filing Services

We subcontract chartered accountant services for statutory mandatory accounting and filing compliance. This option requires Virtual Office Service contracted. This option may be required with Management Services selected, if no proof of proper book keeping is provided.

Nominee Shareholder Service

Croatian company corporate files are made publicly available through companies registries. Shareholder information in a Croatian company can be concealed from public registries trough a statutory trust service. Nominee shareholder serves as a proxy for the company owner(s) and acts on its behalf.

Escrow Services

We offer a full set of temporary deposit of funds and/or documents for the purposes of our client's transactions at only a fraction the cost. This service is agreed upon individually on a specific request. Please contact us for further details.

Other Services

We provide incorporation/company or branch office set up, shelf-companies, in-house translation, Supervisory Board trustees/proxies/attorneys, Croatian official document obtaining or document certification, notarization and apostille-issue services. By way of law only the compliant and/or chartered persons may furnish incorporation, legal, tax advisory, audit and other regulated services in Croatia therefore we subcontract such services from top local experts experienced in handling international clients. Please contact us for further details.